Emotional Causes Of Disease

This section lists the emotional or metaphysical cause of distress, pain, hurt or disease in the body. Read through the sections for what is causing you distress. In most cases, just being aware of what the cause is and acknowledging the cause makes the pain or distress go away. For more do-it-yourself work, do look at the Affirmations section and/or the crystal-cure section.

Please note that this is not a substitute for medical intervention for everybody. Do not stop any ongoing medical treatment.

This is the list of body parts and the emotions associated with it. Contact us for a more detailed and specific reading.


The head is the connection with your higher self. any pain in the head is self doubt at work. A headache represents doubt in your ability to deal with something. A headache is a message to get in touch with the real “YOU”.

Top of the head is connected to the universe or to God. This is where the crown chakra is located. A pain here indicates a disconnection from the higher power. It also means that you need to have more trust and faith in the universe, that whatever is happening, is happening for your highest good.

The forehead is the location of the third eye chakra. A pain in the forehead means a disconnection with your real or inner self. When you are not aligned with your inner desires and act out of a desire to  do for others, you get disconnected with yourself. The third eye is about perception and seeing. Give yourself time to accumulate enough information so you can make sense and understand the pattern, instead of trying too hard to understand individual happenings.

The sides of the head are associated with courage to face your world. If is a result of a conflict between what you should do and what you want to do. A pain in the sides could indicate an unwillingness to face what is going on. Migraines are mostly an indication of not wanting to look within. Once you decide to do what is right for you, you will find the pain disappearing.

The back of the head represents your past. Pain here represents something in your past that is not complete and remains unforgiven. Think about what triggered the pain and see if something from the past needs to be resolved.


The eyes are our window to the world. Pain in the eye indicates an unwillingness to see. This seeing could be related to self, the surroundings or the people around you.

Astigmatism is a fear of “seeing” yourself as you are. by telling yourself that you are perfect the way you are, you can start the process of seeing yourself with eyes of love.

A cataract is the Inability to see ahead with joy. The future does not look pleasant. focus on the present and try and see the joy around you. feel gratitude for what you see.

Children tend to develop eye problems if they want to shut out what is going on in the family i.e not wanting to see what is going on around them.

A sty is an indication of anger. Anger that is directed towards the world outside. Conjunctivitis can be a message to rest, to process, absorb, feel and be present to what is going on in your life.


The nose is about self recognition. Nose problems indicate a problem with our environment.  It is through our nose we feel the universal life force.

stuffy nose is about not recognising your self-worth.

runny nose is an appeal for help.

nose bleed is a sign of feeling unnoticed and a need for love.

cold as a result of congestion, indicates that too much is going on in your head. It is an indication that external forces influence you too easily. A cold can also mean an intolerance to a person or situation.  is a message from the body that it’s time for you to let go; stop worrying needlessly about every little thing.

Sinus Problems indicate an irritation to  one person, someone close.

Snoring is a stubborn refusal to  let go of old patterns.


The mouth is where food is first broken down for digestion. A pain in the mouth indicates an inability to breakdown thoughts and an inability to digest what is going on in your life.

The teeth break down food into an acceptable form. Teeth problems occur when you are unable to break down thoughts into a simpler form for decision and understanding.

root canal is about root beliefs being destroyed. An impacted wisdom tooth is about not giving yourself enough mental space to create a firm foundation.

Too many cavities are an indication that you take life too seriously. it also indicates an inability to accept a situation due to anger.

Grinding teeth is an indication of helpless aggressiveness. Jaw locking can indicate holding onto anger and not expressing yourself. Expressing yourself with kindness will release the need to keep the mouth shut.

The tongue represents the  ability to taste the pleasures of life with joy.

Tonsillitis are about fear and repressed  emotions. They indicate stifled creativity.

Gum complaints indicate an incapacity to assert oneself. You may be touchy and vulnerable and don’t have the courage to be assertive in your life.  Start the process of accepting yourself  and you will find that you will no longer be dependent of the acceptance of others. This will help you find the strength to assert yourself in you life.


Ears are our antennae. They pick up thoughts, vibrations and sounds. They are part of the guidance system that allows you to hear the truth from within as well as from without.

Ears Represent how we interpret what we hear. Hearing problems are often about something we do not want to hear, something we are hearing incorrectly or something we need to listen to more closely. Hearing is related to your ability to listen to others and how well you think they listen to you. The ears are about openness to hearing new information, alertness to environmental changes and consideration of others’ opinions and ideas.

When your hearing is impaired, it means that there is a resistance to listening, to what is going on around you. You do not like what you are hearing so you cope up by loss of hearing. When you release your fear of hearing what you don’t want to hear, you can openly accept new information and ideas which will help you to move forward.

Ear Infection means you need to accept what is before you, stop the resistance and flow with the flow of life.

Earaches could be an indication for you to listen to your inner voice as well. What is it you do not want to hear?

Hardness of hearing can happen when we become rigid and inflexible, and less willing to listen and obey. Be receptive to people around. Keep an open mind and tune in to your inner voice as it will help you to open up to others.

Deafness results in people who have closed themselves off to their inner voice for a longtime. It forces a person to listen to internal cues.


The neck holds the head and provides support to the head. It is also the link or the connection between the head and the rest of the body and therefore, represents the need for balance between the two.

When you have neck pain, or even a crick in the neck, it is difficult to turn around or bend the neck. The neck feels stiff. The question to ask yourself is ‘what am I feeling inflexible about?’. Is it a situation, person, belief or attitude? Who or what is being a ‘pain in the neck’ in your life?

A pain in the neck is mostly directed towards someone or some situation that upsets your equilibrium or your understanding of what you are. When there is a conflict between your ideals and reality and you remain inflexible, refusing to change either, it will result in neck pain. Neck and cervical spine pain represents the need for flexibility and the ability to see both sides of the conversation. The pain is an indication of fighting, resisting, rebelling against someone or some circumstance of life.


Within the neck also lies the voice box, which is the expression of you. The throat is used for either swallowing things or for expressing feelings. A throat pain can be a result of swallowing words that you really want to speak. A throat pain is an inability to speak up for yourself.

A lump in the throat is a result of fear, of not trusting the process of life. People who are around authoritative figures have a fear of speaking up. Sometimes this can result in passive-aggressive behaviour, which in turn can lead to self-sabotage.

If your story is about people sabotaging you or you tend to fall ill a the most inopportune of moments then you know it is an issue with the throat chakra.

sore throat happens when you swallow angry words or when you have to swallow other peoples behaviour. When you are unable to express what you feel.

Laryngitis is an inability to speak due to extreme anger, a resentment of authority. It represents a fear of speaking up.

Within the throat lies the thyroid gland. Frustration around the inability to express oneself results in a thyroid imbalance. When you hold in your emotions, and are unwilling to express desires, you lean towards a thyroid imbalance.

Learning to express yourself and your emotions will go a long way in healing a dysfunction in the thyroid gland. Speaking up, speaking your truth, saying ‘no’ when you want to say it are all part of this. Another way to open up the energy here is to choose a way to express your creativity. Get a mandala colouring book and start colouring or choose a creative activity or hobby and use that as a means of channelling or expressing yourself. It can be dance or drawing or even cooking (as long as it gives you pleasure, do it).

Hypothyroidism is a result of feeling humiliated when you are unable to do what you want to do. You are constantly waiting to get there.Hyperthyroidism is anger at being left out.


The shoulder carries the weight of the head and the neck. A shoulder pain may be a result of ‘carrying the weight of the world’ on your shoulders. There might be too much pressure due to additional responsibility. Think about ‘the monkey on your shoulder’, the heaviness is from carrying that monkey around.

The left shoulder is about yourself. You may be preventing yourself from taking responsibility of yourself. Do you always put yourself last in your list of priorities?

The right shoulder pain is pain experienced with regard to others. Burdens or responsibilities carried out for family, business, world.

Droopy shoulders indicate lack of joy and fun, seriousness and focusing on problems rather than solutions.

frozen shoulder indicates that you need to take a look in which area are you giving or receiving coldness?


The Arms are used for holding, think ‘holding out your arms’. They are an extension of the heart, see how they stretch out from the heart when you hold them out. A pain in the arm is a signal to about love. It is a desire to be held, to feel loved, or it can be a desire to hold somebody, but for some reason holding back or withholding love. If your arms hurt, think about what you want to hold and what you are witholding.

We also use the arm for picking, grasping and reaching out. A pain in the arm could be that you are are no longer feeling useful and doubt your capabilities. Trust the universe and trust that yourself to handle what is placed before you.

If there is a numbness in the arms you need to ask yourself what is it that you are afraid to reach for? Pain In Your Arms is when you are carrying something or someone as an emotional burden. It may be time to ask yourself why do you keep carrying it?

The armpits are about holding on or not being able to let go of something.  A pain in the left armpit indicates that you are feeling possessive about something. You are holding on to something. Understand that it is all right for everyone to have an independent existence. A right armpit pain is an indication that you feel someone is feeling possessive about you. The body is signalling the need for you to have an independent existence. You can try physically opening up your arms as an exercise to let go of what no longer serves you.

Upper arms is the arm that we use to defend, to protect ourselves

A pain in the left upper arm is a signal that you are ready to fight. And that you are holding yourself back.

A pain in the right upper arm signals that others are holding you back.

The elbow is about safeguarding, you know how you push out your elbows in a crowd, so you feel safe, and also get a little space. Some questions you can ask yourself are, who or what are you protecting yourself from? Who is crowding you? What is the reason for your feelings of vulnerability?

A left elbow hurt or pain is a cue by the body to you to see if you feel that your interests are being hampered. The right elbow is your cue to see if you feel someone else is making you feel unsafe.

forearm pain is an indication that there is a feeling of disrespect. A Right forearm pain is about feeling disrespected by other people and left forearm pain is about disrespecting your own self.

Wrists bring flexibility to the hand. The wrist movement is about ease of movement. Maybe you are not being flexible on an issue or situation. Not handling things with ease. Stubbornness. A right wrist pain is about the past and the left is about a future situation. Too much thinking or worrying about the past or the future – not living in the present.

Carpal Tunnel is an indication of frustration born out of anger. Not being able to handle a situation and being angry. The right side is the masculine and the giving side. A pain here indicates anger directed towards a person or situation that you are not able to handle. Carpal tunnel is a tightening of nerves in your hand. This reflects your outer world. It can seem like you’re being squeezed/ tightened unfairly or unjustly.

The Hands have a huge significance in the metaphysical context. The right hand is the active hand and relates to giving, to doing, to taking action.

The left hand is the receiving hand, it is passive and relates to keeping and helping. A pain or injury in the left hand usually signifies that you are unable or unwilling to receive.

The right hand pain or injury means you are too focused on doing things. It can be a sign that you equate giving love to doing things for people.

Usually issues with the hands implies an imbalance in giving and receiving. And usually people find it easier to give than to receive. But one needs to remember that the two hands means that one must receive equally, and that usually enhances the capacity to give.  The other imbalance occurs when we start believing that we must receive from the people we give to. The two must be balanced but can come from totally different people. With some you are the receiver and with some you could be the constant giver. It evens out in the end.

If your hands hurt when you stretch them, it means that you have trouble letting go, could be things, could be people. Think about what clutching on means to you.

Each finger has a significance too. The index finger is about blame, see how you use that finger to point to something. That’s where the phrase ‘pointing fingers’ comes from. The left hand index finger is blaming yourself and the right hand is blaming others.

A pain in the the middle finger is the balancing finger. When you are feeling out of balance or when things are out of balance, this causes issues with the middle finger. The left is the former and the right the latter.

The ring finger is the relationship finger. It is about bonding. Pain here can mean that you are not being open to love or bonding. A bruise here is an indication of self punishment due to an inability to give or receive in a relationship. A swelling is an anger with regard to a relationship. A left ring finger swelling is anger directed towards yourself and a right finger inflammation is anger directed towards others.

The little pinky finger is the truth finger. Doubts about what you are being told can be felt as pain there. This finger is about you feeling fragile and vulnerable.

The thumb is about will power. A pain in the left thumb is an indication of an unwillingness to feel and the right is an unwillingness to do. Heart

The heart is about our capacity to love ourselves. Heart problems occur when you stop operating with love. They result when you seek love through what you do for others. When you neglect yourself and focus on fulfilling the needs of others in order to be loved, you create an imbalance in your body. A heart problem is an indication by the body to “love yourself”. When you love yourself you change your belief that love can only come from others. Change this belief, to believe that you alone can give yourself love. When you start to do this, you will understand that love will always be there.

Irregular heartbeat can show that one is unable or unwilling to follow a schedule or a routine.

heart attack signifies that there is too much focusing on material aspects in life while enjoying nothing in the process.


The chest holds the heart and is concerned with relationship issues.

Asthmatic problems are experienced due to an inability to exhale. In other words if you are asthmatic, you may be taking in more than you can handle and have a difficulty in delivering. You want to seem stronger than you are to get things done in the way you want. Asthma attack is a signal from thebody to accept yourself with your limitations. There is no need to overwhelm others with your feats or your illness.

BronchitisBronchitis is an inflammation inside your body. If there is a lot of family squabbling, it can cause the area near your heart to inflame. Make peace with your family members.

LungLung issues happen when you carry a lot of grief inside you. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to breathe when you cry? When you hold your tears in it causes distress to your lungs. Get in touch with your grief and cry it out, your lungs will thank you.

Breasts are a symbol of nurturing yourself and nurturing others. They represent mothering and nurturing. Cysts, tumours, cancer is all about suppression – think about what you are suppressing in terms of nurturing? The biggest one is – are you taking care of yourself? Are you nurturing yourself enough? If you are unable to nurture yourself, then taking care of others is a difficult task. It must start with you!


The back supports the body. Symbolically, a pain in the back represents a feeling of lack of support, from within or from those around us. Reflect on what is happening in your life to make you believe that you cannot support yourself. The Spine Represents the support you think you have in Life and your alignment with those supportive forces.

The upper back is related to emotional security and a pain here indicates feeling the lack of emotional support. You may feel that the significant people do not understand or support you. You may feel unloved or you may be holding back love. Upper back pain can also result from a feeling that someone is on your back.

Take a look at your expectations from others. You may be expecting a lot and when these expectations are not met, it results in feeling unsupported or unloved. This is because doing is important for you. You equate love with how much someone does for you. You will find relief in pain when you stop spending your energy in doing. If you want to give or do then do it for the pleasure of giving and not because you think it will give the other person happiness.

The middle back pain relates to old patterns of guilt. Feeling “guilty about something done in the past”. If you remain stuck in the past, the pain will persist. Letting go of what has been done and making peace with the past will ease the pain. Within this region, are also located the liver, the Stomach, and the Spleen. This area is also the area that falls under the solar plexus chakra.

The stomach breaks down food into simpler forms so that it can be absorbed by the body. When you encounter a situation or information, you digest the situation and react accordingly. The reaction could be to assimilate or reject the information or situation. The thoughts and concepts that are accepted as true are easily digested and assimilated within the self. Concepts that interfere with what you believe is the truth, will lead to indigestion, nausea, heartburn or an upset stomach.

Indigestion indicates a difficulty in accepting an idea or thought. Indigestion is not brought about by something you eat. It is the energy surrounding the meal, the conversation, the emotions etc that cause indigestion. Think over your thoughts at the time. What was being said that is not acceptable. What situation made you feel trapped?

An upset stomach is a rejection of an idea or thought. There is something that is not agreeable with your concept of truth.

Nausea is brought about by a complete repelling or rejection of an idea. There is something that you cannot stomach, so you throw it out.

The Spleen represents Worry or over thinking. It helps digestion by secreting enzymes to the stomach. When you focus too much on concepts made by others, you do not allow nourishing thoughts to feed your soul. Overanalysing and worrying about what others think and believe results in improper nutrition for your soul. An imbalance here will lead to mental fatigue

The Liver represents Anger or base emotions. Liver problems arise when you are unable or unwilling to let go of anger and let resentment build up due to controlled anger.

Many people suffer from pancreatic disorders because they cannot handle or accept the sweet or finer things in life, or they over-indulge in the finer and sweeter things in life.

The lower back deals with our finances. It is to do with “having”. A lower back pain indicates a fear of money or a lack of financial support. You believe that you need to “have” things in order to feel supported and in order to “have” you tend to create movement and be active. Accept that it is all right to need and like material things but you do not need them to feel supported. Start by accepting your limitations and expressing them to others. Low back pain, generally refers to a lack of trust in the Universe to protect and support.

The womb is the reservoir of energy and home to the sacral chakra. Problems in the organs of reproduction are a result of low self worth. If you feel you are not good enough, there will be a tendency to stifle creativity and any form of growth.

pain in the tailbone is lack of trust in the Universe to look after your needs. The universe always support you. You want to be looked after and taken care of but refuse to accept this or admit it to others. If you feel pain in the tailbone while in a sitting position, you could be feeling guilty about sitting around, waiting for someone else to take charge of your life. Start by accepting that you need to be looked after at the moment. The tailbone is also the seat of the root chakra or the base chakra.

Kidneys are located in the region of the lower back. Kidneys deal with elimination of toxic waste. Not letting go of past thoughts and an unwillingness to let go of the past can result in kidney malfunction.


Legs help us move forward in the direction we want to go. They are about movement and our ability to keep going. When foot problems arise, you need to take a look at the direction you have taken and what you stand for in life. Legs are also symbolic of your faith in yourself.

Hips allow movement in all directions and also provide support to the back. A pain in the hip is an indication of being ‘stuck’ or unable to make a decision. The pain could be the result of  fear of going forward with major decisions.

The Gallbladder Channel traverses the hip. The Gallbladder is a symbol of courage and strength. Symbolically stones in the gall bladder are a result of overthinking too much about what others think about you and your choices.

Knees allow the legs to bend. Knees represent Pride. Pain in the knees indicates an inability to bend to situations around you. Think what thoughts hold you back? Not accepting change is a stiffness that does not allow you to bend to situations around you. Resisting is being stuck in the Ego and being too proud to bend. Accept a situation or person and allow yourself to bend to the will of the universe.

Ankles are about flexibility as they allow the leg to manoeuvre. They represent mobility and direction. The ankles provide the flexibility of getting the body to it’s destination. This can be a mental or physical destination and a pain in the ankle requires an examination of thoughts that may be rigid. A painful ankle means that change is difficult for you.

The toe maintains balance. Toe problems mean that you understand what in your life is causing you to loose balance. It is wise to question where you are headed and what thoughts are making your path unsure.