On Board the Reiki Bus has a simple manifesto – to go wherever healing is needed. Be it physical, mental, emotional, material, metaphysical or spiritual. If healing is needed, across time and distance, our Bus goes there.

The unique offering of Reiki Bus is Reiki Showers. It is well researched and documented that when a group of people meditate, the positive effects of the meditation is felt not only by the group but by people within a 10-mile radius. The same is the effect of the Reiki Shower. We get our energies together when we do Reiki and the effect is more than amplified. Reiki from us is in the form of a Reiki shower, where 3 or more Reiki-ists send Reiki at the same time.

Even though our mainstay is Reiki, On Board the Reiki Bus not only has but uses a whole array of therapies which are used in conjunction with Reiki to enhance the healing. Most Reiki Showers come with a Chakra Reading, which helps identify the underlying cause of the issue, along with an Affirmation which allows the healee to take control of his or her own healing. Very often a crystal cure is recommended.

Sometimes we do deeper energy work, like aura cleaning or crystal grinding or rainbow lightwork, if that is what is needed. Inner Child Healing, which is especially good for releasing old hurt or painful memories, can be done distantly as well. Releasing of Oaths, Vows & Curses and Past Life Healing is available only as face to face sessions or distantly through Reiki.

Energy work is most easily be done distantly and most of the therapies as well.

‘Bridging the Gap’ is a unique therapy offered by Reiki Bus. Usually a one-time session, which enables us to get from where we are, to where we want to be.

Other modalities that Reiki Bus offers are Tarot, Oracle Card Readings and Tarot Numerology. Tarot Numerology is especially beneficial in figuring out your life path and purpose.

Forgiveness & Letting go, Cord Cutting, Energy and Aura Cleansing, House Cleaning, Relationship healing are just some of the things that can be done, to open up to healing and to be on the path to contentment and happiness.