Weight-loss Reiki for Rs 1400/-

On popular demand, we are happy to introduce Reiki for Weight Loss. At a super special price of Rs. 1600/- for 4 weeks of Reiki.
You will get a free chakra reading & a personal affirmation to work with.

Do the affirmation, do something physical or maybe work with a crystal. We will do an initial consult and get the right affirmation going. And do read below…
You may not wake up in the morning a few Kilos less, but you will observe a few things after Reiki.

Weight Loss Reiki
Weight Loss Reiki

You may have a new vitality, you may find yourself waking up bright and early ready to seize the day. You will find that you suddenly have more energy. Energy for physical things, not sitting on the chair and typing. Energy to get up and get moving. Maybe even the desire to go for a walk.
You may find a need for healthy food. If you feed your body a lot of junk, you might find may find yourself reach for that apple instead. Over time, it will become impossible to finish that bar of chocolate in one sitting.
A door may open for you. You may find a wonderful yoga class in the vicinity or you may fall in love with Zumba.
And maybe you won’t lose any weight at all but recognise that you are beautiful as you are!
As Reiki clears up your energy and fills you with beautiful, loving light you find that you listen to your body more, you are more aware of the messages and opportunity that Spirit sends your way. The void that you filled with junk food will be filled with loving light instead. Your body will need to expend this new energy it has and you will find constructive ways to channel it.
It will be a slow and gentle process, but the wonderful thing is that you will not need to force yourself to make any changes. They will happen. And it will be effortless. And it will become a way of life. It will be who you are, who you always needed to be.