Kanika Aswani

    When you meet Kanika, you walk away with a smile on your face. Her energies are so happy and so light, they spill over to anyone she meets. Her gift is of intuition and channeling, and she can communicate with not only Divine Beings but also with people who have stepped beyond the veil. Her Tarot & Tarot Numerology readings are truly magical, giving insight to our life path and purpose. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She works closely with the healing energies of Shiva and with Ka-Shen, her spirit guide. Any session with her is full of meaning and the messages from the masters just flow as does the healing from her magic hands.

    “Reiki is my Magic Wand, all I need to do is wave it and I am the creator of my life and Reiki is one of the most important ingredients that help me create the simple, happy, healthy, joyous and love filled life I want”