Sabinder Singh

    If you visualize Sabinder, you will see her surrounded by children and puppies. Her energies are gentle and nurturing, yet childlike in their innocence. She understands emotions and the drivers behind those feelings. She is wonderful with healing children and animals. Her chakra readings are simply divine – deep, intuitive and insightful, getting to the heart of the issue, for healing to begin. Sabinder is a Reiki Master & Teacher and a superb Chakra Reader. She also works with crystals and mandalas. She works closely with the energies of Shiva and Lakshmi. She is a student of Yoga and Ayurveda, believing that physical (natural) and metaphysical healing can combine to give supernatural results.

    “To quote Yoda, the force is inside us, the force that makes magic happen. For me Reiki is the force that I use to heal, to create and to manifest. All you need to do is believe in this beautiful energy live the life you want.”