• An inspired and sincere team. Thank you Darpan. I can vouch for you!

  • "Reiki" has brought me "together" (with myself ) with all its "love" & energy to "heal". It has given "joy".....and is making the experience of life almost "divine!" You hold true to every word in your display picture. Just a "thank you" would not be enough.......you helped me "find" myself. 

  • "Everyone goes through rough patches but I had been going on through it since a very long time and though I wanted it to change, I wanted to cut through the pattern, I was as clueless or maybe just naive and too stuck to be able to actually see in through me! Yes I had to do it on my own and so I did but it wouldn't had been possible without Darpan who holds a very special place in my life for what she has done to me! For what she's made me think..I'm grateful to Darpan for making me believe I'm worthy enough, self-love is NOT selfish & that there's a difference between the two..Everyday I now wake up with a new hope minus expectations & a belief that I need to love myself first (yeah it's not Easy but it ain't Impossible)..And surprise surprise I'm very very happy with my present.. Thanks babe I owe it to U for life..Lots of love and you'll always be special"

    Rishika Kothari, Indore
  • “My Reiki experience was and is a life altering one. It infuses your being with the endless flow of the universal energy without judgment or prejudice. All you need is faith and belief and an open heart. Darpan has been generous and kind as a healer, guide and master, by taking me on an incredible journey of healing, gratitude and self-realisation.”

    Yudi, Mumbai
  • "I have boarded the Reiki bus a while back, and I feel absolutely great that I was called upon by Reiki! The Reiki girls are an awesome gang- transforming people's lives, energising them to manifest their desires and bringing greater harmony to this universe. I've said it before and I say it again- I adore all the work you do, and I hope you can reach out to millions and bring to them the gift of Reiki the way you brought to me."

    Saumya Pandey Jain, Vishakhpatnam
  • I learnt Reiki some 2 and half years ago thru my mentor from Kolkotta but actually got it into practice and nitty-gritties of Reiki thru Ms. Sabinder Kaur of "On Board the Reiki Bus Team". She is so very approachable, understanding and thoughtful. She listens to you and understands your needs very well. Her Guidance is spot on, and manages to give you hope and a different perspective to your problem. She brings in lot of positivity and shows you many ways to be positive - Thru Affirmations a lot. Sabinder has always been helpful and so so very much approachable. She has so much Patience and understanding and is a helpful and blessed Soul.....
    Many thanks Sabinder for coming in my life and hope to meet you soon and all the best to On Board the Reiki Bus Team.
  • "What an absolutely delightful ride on the Reiki bus! There is something for everyone - I have benefitted from the blessings of the Reiki showers and the Tarot readings are simply bang on. Ask your questions clearly and beleive me ye shall receive equally clearly. The peace pendant is a good one to keep.... Keep the circle of positivity going!"

    Sonia Singh, Gurgaon
  • The guidance and experiences since I've been 'aboard the reiki bus' have been amazing! The course of Angel card readings are mystic and help me every day. The full moon and new moon sessions are powerful and set intents and releases in motion. Just too happy to be connected through them with my spiritual self. A big thank you for everything.

  • I've been on and off Board the Reiki Bus this year -- a time I needed this the most. Thank you for helping me get through 2016 in a more fruitful, peaceful, energetic and positive way.

  • I am a strong believer of DESTINY……..you came into my life when I was going thru the toughest phase of my life...you have been sent by the universe with a purpose…I will break my experience in 3 parts - SELF REALIZATION, BELIEVE & PURPOSE
    a)Self Realization - The situation I was in is like am in middle of a journey and big storm stuck and don't know where, how to go in simple words lost my path/direction…..At that time came a ray of light in the form of Sabinder and Reiki…… who helped in controlling my mind from a panic mode to Clam mode by cleaning my blocked chakras and slowly I started seeing the path not only clearly but with you new energy and Hope, also realized that whatever happened is for a reason and it is for good.
    b) Believe - As told by Shri.Krishna in Mahabharata “He is always their 24 x 7  around us who is ready to help us and take care of us”….I started seeing him around me always and I believe he came in my life in the form Reiki and you to be with me…and guide me in finding my path also showing me the brighter side of my Life…..
    c) Purpose - Reiki and you helped me in understanding MY purpose of life……made me think Life in different perspective.
    Thanks a lot Sabinder for all you have done…….and for all you are going to do……Reiki and you are like WIFI who will be always around me with a lot of positivity & caring.
  • "Hello! I just wanted to write down a brief feedback, and in a way thank The Reiki Girls for all the wonderful work they've done! It's majorly helped my work - cleared paths for me.....also created opportunities...some things I was trying since long but weren't just happening, things started moving forward!"

    Ridhima Arora, Mumbai